Alumni volunteer recruiters (AVRs) may be provided a list of student contact information in order to complete certain volunteer recruitment tasks. Prior to volunteering, AVRs must sign and agree to the Confidential Information Agreement below. List will not be released or disclosed to any individuals or entities. List will be considered a single use only document to be destroyed or returned to the Office of Admissions after use. AVRs understand that the data provided by OSU will be appropriate to the current task (i.e. a list of street address for hand written notes). Data will be kept in a secure location while in use. I, the undersigned, have read and understood the contents of this agreement and agree to follow all instructions above. I understand that if I do not follow the above rules, I may not be allowed to volunteer with OSU Admissions or access contact information in the future.
By completing the form below, the volunteer agrees to abide by the procedures outlined in the BeAVR training manual while volunteer with Oregon State University Office of Admissions. Further, nothing in the training manual or on the BeAVR website shall be taken to create an employment relationship of any nature.
FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-380) that affords students certain rights with respect to their educational records and requires Oregon State to assure that those students’ rights are not abridged.FERPA protects the privacy of all education records, in any medium, maintained by Oregon State University. Although the law was written in 1974, its coverage is not limited to paper copies. All student education records, including records about students contained in computer databases, are protected. While federal law authorizes the release of records to parents of dependent students, it does not require it. The Oregon statute does not include release to parents as an authorized disclosure; since state law is more restrictive than the federal law, the university is bound by the state law. Only directory information may be released to parents of dependent or independent students. All employees of OSU must comply with FERPA. While as a volunteer (but not an employee), we ask that you abide by FERPA in the same manner as OSU employees. By completing the form below, the volunteer agrees to abide by FERPA. Any questions regarding the policies and procedures surrounding FERPA should be immediately addressed with the Office of Admissions.
Please read the Standard of Behavior for Adults working in Programs and Activities with Minors: If you have any questions regarding these standards, please contact us directly. As an AVR, I have read and understand the Standards of Behavior set forth by Oregon State University.
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